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30 January 2010 @ 01:00 pm
So I've really wanted to do a post like this for a while. What better opportunity than now? Below is a list of records that I'm currently digging. Most of the time I'm always listening to music, or at least looking for music to listen to. So here we go: What is Stevie listening to?

-Super Eurobeat Vol. 200

"Wah wah they put j-euro on here." Stfu and enjoy it cunts. Is this album perfect? No, but it's sure fun to listen to. I enjoyed the track list of both the euro and j-euro discs. I find myself listening to it more and more.

-恋のお立ち台 Hyper Disco Mix

While this album is a few years old, I just recently got my dirty hands on it. Special thanks to D~tan. This album, it's mind blowing. I can listen to both discs non-stop over and over. Which I have been for the past few days. While I am no stranger to disco 80's, hi-nrg, house and eurobeat, listening to this is like a breath of fresh air. Great mixing by DJ Boss. The Salary Man side is my all time favorite. Perhaps my perfect disco 80's playlist. Alyssa Milano (yes, from Charmed) is also included on this disc. Her albums were only released in japan, but they're so incredibly cheesy, Look In My Heart is guaranteed to give you a tooth ache. Gypsy Queen/Shiho is also on this disc, and that track ALWAYS makes me hot.

The Office Lady side is rather nice as well. I can't say that I'm as passionate about it as I am the Salary Man side, but I still love it either way! Garage, House, 90's Dance, Euro and Techno? Can't go wrong with that!

-Madonna - Celebration

Do you honestly think that I would let a post like this go without a Madonna mention? Of corse not! When am I not listening to Madonna? I've been listening to these tracks day by day for almost twenty years and yet they never grow tiresome. Celebration was really no surprise for me. Two new tracks and a few remastered gems. Finally an extended version of Hung Up which was only available on vinyl and itunes prior to this release. Hooray for super high quality! Not to mention Who's That Girl, Crazy For you and the original single edit of Into The Groove all wonderfully remastered. At first listen, I felt as if I was listening with new ears. No matter what, they still have their magic.

New tracks are Celebration and Revolver. Which were nice additions to this greatest hits compilation. It's well rounded and highly recommended in my book. While I still will always prefer The Immaculate Collection (it was my first cd you know), Celebration is exactly what it's titled; a Celebration of Madonna's career thus far.

I would have thrown in some album art to make the entry a bit more appealing on the eyes, but I recently had to reformat my computer and I have to re-install photoshop.

Now do you think I'd let the rest of DiscoNRG off so easily?


I baton pass Billy and Bree~chan (ノ´∀`*)ノ

Posted by Stevie
I was bored and thought about how many years combined we all have, so here we go:
- 2000: Reed = 10 years
- 2001: Dom, Jim, Maggie, Phil = 46
- 2002: Jason, Alex, Steve, Kristy = 78
- 2003: Billy = 85
- 2004: Connor, Mina, Erin, Heather (?) = 109 years!

Looking at this makes me feel so old.

Posted by D~tan


Hello everyone! As the title would suggest I'm here to speak to you a bit about the other side of Eurobeat, or pretty much the only new Eurobeat coming out these days >_> As one of the only Disco NRG members who enjoys and follows the current J-Euro and Anime Boom it's my pleasure to share this with you all.

和ユーロベスト2 (Wa Euro Best 2)
To buy: http://tinyurl.com/ydduc2n

First up we have DJ Yosshi's (this means 9LoveJ to the less informed) animu extravaganza pimped out by our very own teacherchan Heather 8)v. Unfortunately I would have to say out of the 3 CDs this one disappointed me the most. Mostly Akiba Koubou with a sprinkling of other J-Euro labels, this CD only has a few outstanding tracks produced for the most part by DJ Command (previously did God Knows..., Over The Future, Paradise Lost, etc.). Days / DJ Kazma and Kawa Nagare No You Ni / Nagisa are both top knotch tracks and I was surprised with DJ Command producing slower paced tracks. Unfortunately except for those two and a few others, this CD really isn't all that. I may be a bit biased since I'm not the biggest fan of valle blanco's producing but I seem to be in the minority 8D The CD is also filled with a lot of "childish" sounding songs. I know we're talking about Eurobeat here, but still sometimes it's too much. Let's hope Dancemania's next attempt will be more promising~

愛♥J-ユーロ(I Love J-Euro) ~Japanese Eurobeat Hits!~
To buy: http://tinyurl.com/yjdfqkw

Second we have Farm's, in other words Star Fire supported, attempt in jumping into the J-Euro frenzy. While this CD does have more repeats than WEB2 it is still the better CD. Lots tracks we've heard before over and over but where the CD shines is the new material. Plum's take on Shangri-La does not beat Akiba Koubou's as the "Miyabi" vocalist does things to the song that this shrilly imposter can't hope to attain =P On the other hand, the Plum version of Yuzurenai Negai (Magic Knight Rayearth theme) is much more interesting than it's Akiba Koubou counterpart and more true to the original song. The guitars are a nostalgic point *_*

With this CD I hope Star Fire will get out of the "lack of songs to choreograph" danger zone. They've already started with the recent lesson for Nippon Cha Cha Cha which is featured in the mini "Western Euro Megamix" at the end of the CD. Smart move on Farm's part as it caters to the crowd that isn't all J-euro loving. This CD is defniitely worth a buy!

To buy: http://tinyurl.com/ybnz2sb

Lastly is GIRL NEXT DOOR's venture into the Eurobeat world. I have to mention that this CD is only attainable if you by the super duper first press limited edition holy grail version of this CD's release but god damn is it worth it! It may be because I've been deprived of my avex related labels from SEB but this CD is SOOOO good. Featuring remixes from ABeatC, SCP, Eurogrooves, Hi-NRG Attack, Dima Music, Delta and GoGo's Music this CD showcases all of these labels Eurobeat producing skills which I've been missing for so long due to SEB's current hiatus. Eurogrooves defnitely is top label on this CD with some very modern and smooth aishu style remixes. I know most people groan when they hear aishu, but these tracks go very well with her vocals. Most of this stuff is pretty energetic though. I will admit I was disappointed by Dima's remix of Climber's high but only because Dima Music is my current favorite label and I set my expectations too high =P

Without a doubt this CD is the best of the 3 and I look forward to more SEF and 9LoveJ routines for GIRL NEXT DOOR tracks ♥ The first track on the CD was a little megamix of all of them so please enjoy it:

GIRL NEXT DOOR MEGAMIX: http://www.mediafire.com/?jwzqqgmnxqc

So there you have it folks! This time around J-Euro wins against Animu with SEB presents GIRL NEXT DOOR in the lead, Ai Love J-Euro second, and Wa Euro Best 2 last. They all have their merits and to each their own. I hope you enjoyed reading me rant and until next time kepp dancing!~

P.S. Maggie! I still insist on baton passing to you! You've been baton'd (again) 乀(◐‿◐乀)

posted by Alex
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21 January 2010 @ 07:02 am
Hey everyone!

It's Connor, and I'm here for my first LJ post of 2010. I recently went to Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland (or Ísland) for 8 days. It was seriously a fun city. Let me break it down and then I'll share some pics at the end.


In grocery stores, nearly everything but dairy and seafood is imported. Icelandic people are nuts for Coca cola, hot dogs and a kind of yogurt they make there called Skyr. We ate it every single day. We had spinach from Italy, pistachios from Germany, Wheetabix from England, and the list goes on.

Clothing tended to be pretty international. Besides one Icelandic brand 66 North, we saw a big G Star Raw store on the main street where we stayed (the Laugavegur) and a few British chains in the shopping center. The city is also vegetarian friendly, and thanks to current exchange rates it was a very affordable place to grocery shop. Clothes tended to be a bit more, but that's no surprise!

*NOTE* Most grocery stores charge 20 krona for bags. Bring an eco-bag with you!

Stores aren't open anywhere near as long in Iceland. On Sunday, one store was only open for 6 hours. Perhaps it's because of the lack of sunlight during winter? People are very laid back and the city center is never crowded, at least not in January. Cafés are everywhere and they become bars after 10 pm. Nightlife is scarce until Friday and Saturday, when people party from Midnight until 6 or 7 in the morning. I am not exaggerating when I say that the bar we went to was dead until 1:30 AM, and it was still busy as hell when we left at 5:30.

If you want to party, Iceland is the place to go. Especially now that it's affordable!

Everyone was extremely friendly and spoke perfect English. Icelandic is difficult as hell, especially since it's practically Old Norse. It took us a week to pronounce Laugevagur correctly. I did pick up bits and pieces, and I enjoyed the challenge though it is completely unnecessary to study it. Go to a café and get a cup of coffee and ask the employees some questions. One duty-free electronics store employee spoke English with no accent at all, and that was surprising. As the week went on, it became a regular occurrence. People often look forward to the practice.

Vegetarian friendly, but you can get just about anything. The pizza is pretty good from the restaurant on the Laugevagur, which is part of a chain. Grocery stores are your best bet for a good adventure, and you can always find whale, puffin or hot dogs nearby. Well, puffin was hard to find actually. I do want to try it someday!

Coffee is amazing here. I didn't think I was such a coffee freak 'til I had it here. Gimme a cafe latte with two sugar cubes and I'm set. It's STRONG!

Liquor is taxed heavily, so drop by duty free on arrival. Iceland is one of the few places to have duty free on arrival. I got a liter of vodka for about $20. Not a bad deal at all! (They also have wine, beer (I recommend Víking) and just about every kind of candy and beauty product you could want.) Drinks in a bar run about 900 krona for a beer to 1200 krona or more for a mixed drink.

There's plenty to see. I recommend just walking around the city and going down to the water. It's not a hard place to navigate, though buses are an option. Excursions out of the city are easy with the company picking you up at your hotel. Check our Reykjavik Excursions!


I loved the Blue Lagoon, and the view of the mountains across the water is amazing along the seaside in Reykjavik. I want to try to hit up some waterfalls and nature next time!

Now for some pictures!

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Overall, Iceland is a must-see. It's affordable even for Americans, and there are even apartments available for rent. I stayed at Room With A View, which has a great selection of apartments for all group sizes. There are also plenty of cheaper options outside of the city, with a backpackers' hostel being right in the heart of downtown!

I don't know of any Icelandic para para teams, but if there is one, can someone let me know? I'll be sure to give them a feature in an upcoming post!

I hope everyone is having a good winter. Peace!

Posted by Cigy.
18 January 2010 @ 06:43 pm
Last night I went to the SEB 200 Release Party at a-life in Roppongi. Para para legends Luna Teresa Mori, and Richie and Satoko from the Parapara Allstars made an appearance for the event. At the door they were giving out SEF goods if you brought in the booklet from SEB 200, but it was just a little calendar with "SEF DX" printed on the top. The event was basically a normal SEF night, except for the special guests. The three of them came out and danced one euro set on stage and everyone stopped to watch and take video, but unfortunately there was no special performance. Then they went straight upstairs where people could line up and get their CD autographed and take a picture with them. They were selling SEB 200 and a few other CDs up there too. I had my copy of SEB 200 signed by Mori-san and Richie and Satoko. I told them that they're all very famous in America and in Europe. Nanae was with them so hopefully she was listening but probably not.

lots of picturesCollapse )

The music selection was a lot of 2nd boom and 3rd boom euro as was to be expected, but they also played some 4th boom and a fair amount of techno. It was fun to hear some of the old Parapara Paradise songs that you usually don't hear, like Kill the Silence and Made for Loving You.

They had the koushukai(lesson) as usual. The techno lesson was Danger Zone by DJ Zorro and the euro lesson was ??? (sorry didn't catch the name)

They celebrated January birthdays - Suzujun (Rena's fiance) and Yuusuke, a techno guy who goes to Starfire, and a few others that I didn't know.

Unfortunately I had to leave at 10:30 to catch my last train but I don't think I missed much. It was nothing like the huge release parties they used to have at Velfarre for 150 and 160, but times have changed and that can't be helped. But there are still a lot of people that love eurobeat and parapara and it's great to have chances like last night to get together and celebrate parapara.

posted by Heather
14 January 2010 @ 10:09 am
I should have did this yesterday, but it slipped my mind. I'm sorry in advance!

Happy Birthday Phil <3

This is officially the first DiscoNRG Birthday of the new year!!

Posted by Stevie
09 January 2010 @ 01:12 pm
Hi, everyone. I'm Heather (or Teacher or Hezaa or Haruna-sensei) and I've just joined DiscoNRG. I've been friends with the members for a few years now so I'm happy to be able to join them in DiscoNRG.

I live in Japan so I hope I'll be able to support the group with translation and with information and resources I can access here. I'm an English teacher (ALT) on the JET Programme so that's where the name Teacher came from. (also because I'm older than everyone (@_@;)) I started dancing parapara seriously when I moved to Japan and started going to events in 2005, but I first started learning parapara in 2003. Like many others, I started out with the Parapara Paradise arcade game and moved on to club videos from there. I started out with eurobeat but then discovered techpara and eventually 90's techno. Julitech and 90's techno is my current boom. =) I love the club scene in Japan! Dancing and getting drunk with cool people in the club is so much fun. tequila shots for everyone =D

Also I've had the honor of being on a few commercial releases here in Japan. I dance the song X-Rave on JC Records' King of Techno, and I dance on the commercial for Wa Euro Best 2 along with my friend Amber.

douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!

posted by Heather
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04 January 2010 @ 06:59 am
Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a fabulous New Year! This year we have set a goal to blog more. Bringing you guys some more personal entries. You can see from the past few, it's going smoothly so far. Comments are ALWAYS appreciated. For those of you reading from our site, you can comment on our entries by clicking the entry title, when the livejournal page loads, click "(Post a new comment)".

Now, onto the fun stuff. I have some more interesting news. We have added two more ladies to our Disco NRG family. Please welcome Heather and Bree! Let's look forward to their introduction posts. Please support them!

I promise I will have site updates done soon. I keep saying that. I'm just being daizy lazy.

Posted by Stevie
04 January 2010 @ 02:33 am
Hey everyone, I'm Phil - a.k.a. Nine or Super Phil - one of the new members of DiscoNRG! In the 3th generation! For those who don't know me, I'm the Domino crazed Eurobeat / ParaPara nut from Canada who runs DOMINOnline.net.

I'm really happy to have been asked to be apart of DiscoNRG, because I was beginning to feel that I was an elitist but now being in DiscoNRG proves that I am. ;D ...but really; I'm happy to be apart of it all because I've always respected the gang, especially with all the work they do to promote ParaPara and Eurobeat.

I've been listening to Eurobeat and dancing ParaPara since 2001. It can all be traced back to an arcade here in Vancouver, me being a pimpled faced 16 year old otaku, gushing over the Konami games because of all of their Nipponness. I stumbled upon a ParaParaParadise machine and the rest is histoly.

Other than listening to Eurobeat and dancing teh paira paira, you can find me lurking the Internet, playing video games, eating cake and sleeping in a bed. Random facts: I recently graduated from college with a certificate in Criminology and I can pull off a pretty convincing southern accent. I also need more sleep, a hair cut, and for some weird reason lately I've really been obsessed with Beyonce.

See y'all around, and remember, keep reaching for your dreams!

Posted by Phil
04 January 2010 @ 01:10 am
Hi everyone, thought I would like to make a blog post here! :)

It's no secret that Tony and I go to Las Vegas a lot, and most of the time we will hang out and visit our beloved Jim. With Tony's DSLR, I have captured the time we were with him over the weekend. Enjoy!

Warning: A lot of photos!
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Posted by D~tan