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01 March 2010 @ 03:17 pm
Report: Eurobeat!  
Hey everyone, I thought I would kick off my first DiscoNRG post with some Eurobeat gushing/news/etc! First off, I've been doing fine - life has been super busy but thankfully I've still had the time to sit down and follow the Eurobeat and ParaPara scene. Though I don't have much to report from ParaPara land, hopefully my input in the Eurobeat side will be fulfilling to some of you!

Chozen Parapara presents D-1 Grand Prix 2010

This was a compilation album released on the 27th of January - hopefully some of you bought your copy and got it by now, and if you have you'll notice a great GoGo's Music track "I WANNA TRANCE / VIRGINELLE" - track 15 to be precise! Here is some interesting information on the song: Alessandra and Sandro got together with Elena Gobbi to create an English version of I Wanna Dance / Domino for last year's Revival Hits (SEB193). Unfortunately, AVEX didn't pick up the song. Though, Sandro had the idea of re-working the song into a Trance song and rename it "I Wanna Trace" which AVEX loved, and decided to release on this compilation!

If you've heard the song, comment and let us know what you think of it - do you like Virginelle's Trance/English rendition of this song or do you prefer the original Eurobeat/Japanese version sung by Domino?

Super Eurobeat 201

SEB 201 is released this month (March) and there are some interesting tracks on there. If you haven't been paying attention, you can see the track list here: http://avexnet.or.jp/eurobeat/discography/

I've heard the samples and they all sound really good, and after such a long wait for new tracks the excitement of having new songs to listen to is coming back - so my hopes are high for this album! A few things I would like to point out; a "Mirka" track from 1993 is being released on here - "10,000 Lovers" - It has the same 'vibe' as her older Juliet/Mirka tracks from the same era, which in my opinion were great! Though, it sounds dated from today's standards, it's a welcoming addition to this album especially since a lot of Eurobeat fans started out around this time and sound. Also, Travis, aka zoupzoup2, aka Odyssey - an American 'indie-Eurobeat' artist is making his debut through the Delta label with the track "Ken Blast / When The Sun Goes Down" - I just wanted to say that I hope for the best for this song and for his future career as a Eurobeat singer! Delta has brought the Canadian dance/Konami duo Melody and Mezzo to SEB with the Eurobeat remix of Nightshade, and now an American musician, and more importantly, Eurobeat fan; has broken through and has a song on a SEB release. Congratulations! Give your full support here guys, this is huge stuff!

The future of Eurobeat?

AVEX recently met with Contini in regards to GoGo's Music, SCP and Sinclairestyle, and although the details are fuzzy, I'm told that there are some great things to come in regard to the future of Eurobeat! I will fill you all in when I first get the news, but the hype and energy around what's to come is apparently really huge within these labels - so it's going to be something big, I'm sure!


I've recently moved to Downtown Vancouver, and my apartment is about a block away from the beach (jealous? hahaha) so whenever I'm out back for a smoke, I look down at the beach and the water and envision myself recording some ParaPara there someday (by the water, not in it!)

The end!

That's all I really have to mention - I hope you're all following the new releases for Eurobeat and following what's going on within the world of ParaPara! Keep at it and see you next time!

Posted by: Phil
Densetsu13densetsu13 on March 8th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC)
Didn't Overhead Champion do a trance version of I wanna dance? I haven't heard I wanna trance so I,m wondering if they're similar.

Turns out I've been enjoying SEB 201 a lot, or rather key songs in particular. I'm surprised how great the Mirka track has aged.

Please filming and ttys =)
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